Primusprimus is in Manaus in Brazil, sitting in the roof terrace of a hostel, looking at the city lights. This evening time is standing still.



Manaus, capital of Amazonas region, Brazil, and the shadow of Kati


The heart feels cracked open. The body is heavy to carry. A tiny stripe of the moon showed itself in the sky earlier this evening.

To Primusprimus, the moon carries a message: you are supported. You don’t know what lies ahead, but we will help you get there safely. 



Red color pigment by Rio Negro


What is behind you is still resting in your wide open heart. On the river and inside hectares and hectares of protected forest, ten days of interesting experiences took place.



Peter and Mike in the sunset, Rio Negro



Learning about the Amazon jungle from scientists and biologists in the Adolpho Ducke Forest Reserve 



The rainforest as seen from a 40 meter tall tower 


As we watched the sun going down behind the sea of tall trees, someone said – if only all people could see this. Then they would understand. 



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