WELCOME, an introduction

 This blog is going to become a collection of texts written by the visual artist Elin Glærum Haugland.

By writing and making it available for people to read, I want to open up the world of my artistic research to anyone who might be interested.

The texts will give insights to some of the ideas that are hiding in the abstract forms of expression I use as my language – when I paint and make experimental films.


Past and present_mindre

Past and present – drawing of childhood memory, 2013



Connecting with nature

I have always felt love for, and a deep connection with plants. Ever since kindergarden I have memories of visiting my ‘secret’ flower places in different forested areas around the neighborhood.

A daydream since childhood was to immerse myself completely in the green.

Somehow, in my youth, I felt that I should practice on being alone. There was a knowing that one day I would need the strength.

A lot of this time was spent in the forest. Many afternoons I sat between the trees, watching the view of the hillsides overlapping each other. I saw them melt and become one with the horizon. The endlessness felt like a call from eternity, revealing a deep void inside of me.

I waited many years for someone to ask me to join them for a big adventure. It took me even more years to realize, that the question would never come.

By age 25 I decided: It is enough now. Enough of the waiting. I need to figure out what my dreams are and start to pursue them.

I wrote a list, and it looked something like this:



…to witness with my own eyes, the plants and wildlife of the Amazon Jungle

…to see the same starry sky and bioluminescence in the water, as my grandfather wrote about in the diary from his time in the Pacific (as a radio operator on the Kon-Tiki Expedition)

…to develop an art project where I can work as closely with nature as possible

…to learn about and share knowledge of indigenous cultures

…my artistic practice to be a merging of all of the above


The problem was, I was not brave and I did not even dare to think about traveling on my own.

So I started practicing, one small step at a time. Started sleeping alone in a hammock in the forest once in a while.



                                                                     Instagram post the morning after my first night out


Me and a friend jumped from an airplane with parachutes.

I went on short research trips in Europe on my own to see art and learn about Tiki Pop Culture in America, Tapa Cloth in the South Pacific, The History of Tattooing, The History of Alchemy in Prague, visiting the tropical plant collections of The Eden Project, Kew and other botanical gardens, and the list goes on a bit further.



                                                        screenshot of Instagram posts from a research trip to Paris, September 2014


And my field of interests grew.

This project is forever evolving. And I need a place to write down and share all the information as it flows towards me through my research and travels.

And that place is THIS BLOG.